The Joy of Cooking


Potatoes lie on their tanned back, chopped in beautiful pieces
And tomatoes blush from cheek to cheek
Tickling my eyes, the onion revolts as I turn it into ringlets
Throughout it all, chickpeas watch the drama unfold.

Sliding open the doors of a spice kingdom
I search for the MDH old man and his Chana masala
There he is! -Years have fled, yet he doesn’t seem a day older
He could have been straight out of home in Delhi
Ah…the sight and smell of our ancient gali.

Any moment now the neighbourhood kids would shout
Crashing through our gate, yelling my name-
Soon the sabjiwalla will dock his empty cart 
Yaar this time, we must not let him catch us 
Yesterday he took away a fun ride.

Yeh bacche log bhi na! Every adult complains
Sad we are no longer kids now
Life took us all in different direction…
I am here in this kitchen thousands of miles away
Trying to relive memories from another age
s***! I hope this choley turns out right
the oil half-burnt my onions to death.


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  1. Never ever looked at the cooking this way. You made me smile and cant help imagine disney vegetables dancing around. wow, you got very strong grip on expression of “things.” Overall nice work. I love reading your poems.

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