All by myself, the mind is company
muddling my calm, causing me heartburn…
I am struck by who I have become when I see who I was
and yet for all the world, I will not want to exchange.

Snow lies half unread on my lap -it doubles the melancholic mood
as the rain hits the traveling window and the landscape hides in a mist
it is time again to dwell on life.
I am not sure what is next to come
Will this trip make me understand any better?
I just know I need a break, a good distance to clear my head,
to know what has disappeared 
under the surface of a well-oiled routine.

But if you ask me what exactly do I seek
I am no wiser except to say
I am stricken by loss when I view clouds
the open fields give way to awkward tears
and a strange sensation grows in my gut
it tells me there is something incomplete
Something is not quite right.

(July 2008)


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