A Thing About Beauty


Lifeless in the early morning light

Except for the smell of hair spray, perfume and cheap soap –

What is there to separate one from the other?

The gods of detail haven’t landed yet…

The sea of people; the absolute sea has receded

for the games are over and so is the weekend.

The nonchalant face

developed sometime during ages thirteen to twenty

is in business again after a brief detour.

Identical stares in blue, brown and black

skims around, plays poker then looks away

Too timid to defy convention.

So how long before the new mattress give way to shoes

and the uniforms fade color before our eyes?

A thing of beauty is not a joy forever

it is the first defiled by norm

rather things of beauty inspire melancholy –

we often become wistful in their recollection.


6 responses »

  1. Beautiful poetry. The gods of detail will be here soon. Venus moves into an auspicious planetary alignment tomorrow, x. Dawn is always in the womb of dusk. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I knew for some reason that you must be recording your life’s ups and down in some corner of this digital world. Now that I have found you do keep posted what ever is in your mind…..keep up the good work….

  3. Miss!
    This is long overdue but congrats on this blog reaching a big audience. I saw the High Peaks post about you and Woser la, and also a lot of other ppl sharing this link and was thinking to myself, I knew it all along. 🙂
    Well I need not butter you up anymore. But your poetry makes me want to write too though I end up just venting my frustrations in incoherent sentences in my own little red book.

    Khair jo bhi ho, take care. Just letting you know we’re still following you (don’t mean to creep you out lol)

  4. Dear cali you are a stalker extraordinaire aren’t you?
    Hope everything is going well at your end. Venting is good and sometimes the best poetry comes from frustrations and fights (I think) so never stop writing. Keep me posted on your life and I will with mine. Pls let the gang know that I can’t get enough of their creepiness 🙂

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