Hi everyone!


I want to thank all those who left messages for me on meebo chat. Me being me was quite skeptical of hearing from readers because I have badly neglected this blog for the last few months and we all know online memory and friendship is short lived…no such thing as absence makes the heart grow fonder here. Anyway I was pleasantly shocked to see a number of messages, mostly people lamenting that I haven’t posted anything for a while. Well what can I say? I am touched that you care enough to read my posts and apologize for the delay in responding back to you guys (I didn’t log onto meebo until yesterday because I thought there wouldn’t be any messages). I have responded to all the messages and hopefully you guys received it… assuming meebo works like any other IM services and you get the note when you log in.

I promise to be more consistent with my blog posts from now on and a promise is a promise and I have no intention of becoming a shoemaker at least in this lifetime (if indeed there are multiple lifetimes). Not that I don’t respect shoemakers, its just that I know am not cut out for it…well well the proverbs are making me go round in circles. Three cheers for being politically correct and let me mark this one for it’s a rare occasion as my friends would testify lol


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