Monthly Archives: March 2012

“Inside most voracious readers, lies a very timid writer”


Voice: You have neglected this space.

Voice: (Getting louder) you have really neglected this space.

Voice: (Even Louder) BA-JEEZUS Woman! You need to write something!

It has been a long time! I apologize; the new job, preparations to move to a different place and a “project” all snowballed into this blog’s abuse and neglect.  A little update to explain the last part…

A couple of months ago, I had a ‘brilliant’ idea for a story, which was melodramatically titled “The Clinic”. However nothing flowed after the initial outburst of creativity. In retrospect I can say the project was doomed from the start by my own great expectations.

Several weeks later, I was reading a gushing review about The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi. The book was touted as Hindu philosophy blended into a bestseller story for the masses. I have been out of touch with the Indian bestseller circuit for a while so I googled Amish’s interview. Disclaimer for book snobs; it is not considered a “serious” (aka literary) work. What really interested me (translation- my agenda) was Amish’s writing process because he is not a creative writer by profession or training. In terms of what he divulged in the interview, it was nothing eureka-ish so I can only presume it must have been the timing. His words lingered and days later I revisited my Clinic story or what was left of it after the hacking it went through. There was enough to plant a new seed.

The new story has been able to survive to a point where I am feeling optimistic enough to say I will see it through to its end though doubtless that will take time. At work my lunch hours have been particularly productive because it is such a refreshing diversion and I will also shamelessly admit that it gives me a kick knowing I am juggling two very different worlds, one that I have always fantasized about and the other that I have grown to respect and love over time.

I hope the writing gods continue to smile on my characters and that there will be a day when I can add “timid writer” to the list of my expanding identity. Amen!

Post Script: I’m reading Arvind Adiga’s (relatively) new book “Between the Assassinations” which is a good enough read but when your first book wins the Man Booker, me thinks the journey afterwards is pretty much jinxed. Shame! I hope not.