Tonight the rain fell on a barren mind one muddy splash at a time

You! Said my heart – you are mine

You are fractured little thoughts melded into a haphazard string

Coddled by many sleepless nights on voices of dead writers and disappearing poets.


As you grew my body expanded in anticipation

When I saw your silhouette I clasped my palms hysterical with relief

I sang you borrowed words hoping to appease your ears

But soon you started to run beseeching the sky to open imagination.


The last I was in Ling searching for golden hoof prints

I saw you scatter every thought, I saw you strip away our language

Sometimes you appeared as if a vulture feeding on any carcass

Sometimes you were timid as if a pika on the disappearing grassland.


The nomads told me to let go, to let go of any association with you

On calm spring nights they say you will stop by my tent to smell the smoke

I should be mindful not to empty the cup of rancid tea nor pick the flies on its surface

For those are the only things that remain between you and me.


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