“Muchness” and a reading of Dhondup Gyal’s Waterfall of Youth



Continuing on with my theme to break through conservatism, here is my reading of Dhondup Gyal’s popular poem Waterfall of Youth. The poet’s message to Tibetan youth, his vision of the future and possibilities is inspiring.  My other agenda in doing so is to promote poetry as an alternative for those who can’t sing if they life depended on it. Often when we gather as a community or as a group we sing Tibetan songs and perform dances but popular poetry/prose recitation doesn’t happen as much. This video is to plant that seed… perhaps at the next gathering you can opt to recite a stanza of Tibetan Poetry

Spoiler Alert and an Auditory Warning:

My central Tibetan accent may not capture Gyal’s Amdo aesthetics but it would be defeatist not to try. Wouldn’t it?

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    • I have been saying water is universal nectar and this eloquent poem make it even more valuable water to the world environment. We cannot live without water and Tibetan water is very important to many parts of the world environments. Beautiful to listen and to get the meaningful message. Thank you and keep writing!

  1. Your lhasa dialect is an ornament to this beautiful piece, so profound, gracious, awakening, passionate, eloquent and the list goes on…….I could listen to this all day long and may so if come the night……..

  2. Wow!!! this is so refreshing. You really got that zing in you. I am envy of not only your writing but your voice also.. Keep it up

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  4. Hi Drugmo Lives, thanks very much for the posts. Really interesting and thought provoking!
    I’m wondering whether you would like to share with FNOTW (free news of the world) your experience as a Tibetan and your thoughts on the issues concerning Tibet, women rights and politics. FNOTW is a neutral site specialized on news about conflicts and one of most debated zones is China-Tibet. Please contact me via thuy.le@fnotw.org as I hope to hear your voice on our site.

    I’m very sure I contact the right person 🙂 Hope to hear from you.

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