Ode to a Blade of Grass




If I could live like you


Amidst the roar of the forest

Perhaps I wouldn’t live in my dreams

My words won’t falter so much

And my mind will not be plagued

By insidious thoughts

Gripping pain



And nothing is ever good enough.


If I could let the dewdrop slide

Just like you

In complete equilibrium

My prayers will be spontaneous

My breath softer

Perhaps my soles won’t feel the sharpness of the trail

And no matter what happens

I’ll walk on

Amidst criticism

Against rejection

For there is always rain.


If I could be as unsullied

As truthful and grounded as you

I may see that the soil from which you spring

Is the very depth of universe



Hurling a branch of a very old poem

That winter wind once carried

But here it returns

Falling right next to me

As if it never left.


If I could remain with you until the mist disappear

To catch a glimpse of Mila in repose

Touch his outstretched arms

And his single white cloth covering the ground

I can embrace

This mirage

This phantom journey

With its aimless wanderings and countless days

Spent in odd pursuits

Amongst which is an incomplete ode

To a lithesome blade of grass.


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  1. Hi I am recent to your blog and I just wanted to give you kudos for these wonderful poems. As a Tibetan girl myself who is getting into writing, I am excited to find inspiration through your writings! Keep it up!

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